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Tim Mulligans A Perfect 10 Cookbook - Ten Proven Sumptious Recipes for Each Part of Every Meal!

A Perfect 10 Party Edition is a treasure trove of amazing recipes, creative cocktails and mocktails, crazy games, and party planning insights. Tim has really pulled out the stops on this one, with each menu designed to elevate your celebration into something truly memorable.” – Ricky Ray Butler, CEO, BENlabs

Your Go-To Recipes!

These two indispensable cookbooks, each with 70 tried-and-true recipes, will make your  meals and parties a breeze!

Tim Mulligan's new book A Perfect 10 PARTY EDITION offers the best, proven, go-to recipes for seven different types of parties, including weekend brunch, happy hour, birthday party, pool party, baby/engagement shower, awards shows, and the holidays. Party menus include ten delectable dishes for each event, plus cocktails/mocktails, glassware, fun games, activities, general ice-breaking craziness and other party essentials.

Tim's original A Perfect 10 features ten recipes for each part of every meal, curated over the decades and ready to become your new go-to dishes for breakfast, appetizers and side dishes, salads, entrees, and desserts.



“Tim's cookbooks are the trifecta of endearing stories, fun themes and tasty recipes. It is so helpful to call on the Perfect 10 recipes for any type of event I am hosting. I don't have to think about menu planning at all, I just pull-out Tim's books and VOILA! It's all done for me.” – Mandi Graziano, best-selling author, Vice President Global Accounts HPN Global

A Perfect 10 Brunch Party
A Perfect 10 Baby Shower Cocktails!


Author Tim Mulligan in the kitchen with daughter Carey

Tim Mulligan is a best-selling author, home cook, party host, food blogger and amateur food photographer. Though his days are spent in the office, you will frequently find him in the kitchen on nights and weekends. There he tests, creates, and rethinks recipes – many dating back to his childhood. Tim is the author of A Perfect 10 PARTY EDITION, the original A Perfect 10 cookbook and ROAR: How to Build a Resilient Organization the World-Famous San Diego Zoo Way. He also authored the acclaimed play Witchland. A father of two, he lives in Palm Springs and Los Angeles with his longtime partner, Sean, and their loving dogs. 

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Creating a Chic Thanksgiving Table Demands a Balance of Seasonal Elements and Your Own Individual Style (Daily Mail,  November 16, 2023)

"Author of A Perfect 10 PARTY EDITION: Full Menus and Activities to Make Hosting Parties a Breeze, Tim Mulligan, shares his top tips on table dressing. "Creating a chic and beautiful Thanksgiving table demands a deft mixing of elements evoking the holiday season, while putting your own twist on it," he tells Daily Mail."

Life IS the Party  (Be a Better Being Podcast with Michelle Zellner, Episode 94, November 14, 2023)

"Tim has been a connector his whole life, whether planning a party for 2000 in the business world as an HR professional or an intimate gathering of friends and family, he is the go-to guy to bring it to life. While the Covid lockdown presented obstacles to congregate, the free time reignited his passion for creativity. And WOW, how he made the most of it! "  (Available on YouTube, Apple, Spotify, and iHeart Radio)

40th Birthday Dinner Party Ideas (Sunny Sweet Days Blog, November 12, 2023)

“If you want menu ideas and tips for hosting a great party, check out the A Perfect 10 Party Edition book. We made Strawberry Bubblies inspired by the author’s recipe, and they were so refreshing on a warm Florida day. They would be a great addition to a 40th birthday party (or, really, any event!).

Book Q&As With Deborah Kalb (October 27, 2023)

Everything you wanted to know about planning food and drinks for parties, advice for hosting, party games, and more.

Halloween Recipes! (North Dakota Today, October 27, 2023)

Tim visits on-air live with North Dakota Today to share some scary-good cocktails and baked goods for Halloween.

Dishing With Stephanie's Dish Podcast (Makers of Minnesota, October 27, 2023)

'Join us as Stephanie and Tim discuss his inspiration for writing the book, his love for Palm Springs parties, and some of the most requested recipes from his collection. Prepare for a fun and informative episode that will inspire you to throw unforgettable parties."


Spooktacular soirée! Experts in event planning, food, fashion, and beverage share tips on how to throw a killer Halloween party (The Daily Mail-UK, October 25, 2023)

'Who doesn’t love any variation of carrot cake,' said Tim Mulligan, author of A Perfect 10 PARTY EDITION: Full Menus and Activities to Make Hosting Parties a Breeze. The expert recommends cooking up a batch of his Hazelnutty Goodness Carrot Cupcakes with a Halloween twist."

Halloween Recipes! (North Dakota Today, October 27, 2023)

Tim visits on-air live with North Dakota Today to share some scary-good cocktails and baked goods for Halloween.

Tim Mulligan's New Book is a Festive Treat! (The Desert Sun, October 14, 2023)

It would be so divine to invite über foodie Tim Mulligan into your kitchen or lounge to toss a memorable dinner party. But in lieu of that happening, it's best to nab his latest cookbook, “A Perfect Ten Party Edition.”

Cookbook author shares recipes, ideas for Halloween party treats (WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News, October 3, 2023)

With just a few simple ingredients, Mulligan whipped up some of his cocktail creations like the Fall-Perol Spritz, the Halloween Vodka Giddyup, and Spooky Sangria. Mulligan also showed off some prep-ahead party dishes, such as his Haunted Hazelnut Carrot Cupcakes, the macaroni-inspired MacDaddy McPumpkin, and his pumpkin cookies.

Great Holiday-Inspired Gifts (Chatty Patty's Place, September 27, 2023)

" I received an awesome book by best-selling cookbook author, food blogger, and party host extraordinaire Tim Mulligan. In it are great ideas for quick and easy ways to throw a perfect football-watching party, from recipes, decor tips, and more.

Tim Mulligan's 'A Perfect 10 Cookbook' was born out of a childhood love of the craft (The Desert Sun, January 15, 2023

"The best way to start 2023 is to be positive and enjoy life. If you are Tim Mulligan, who lives by this motto, you will love hearing about his latest work, "A Perfect 10 Cookbook," at the Friends of the Desert Hot Springs Library Author Series from 1 to 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 19.


Cooking With Judy: A Patriotic Sweet for Celebrating Independence Day (Orange County Register, June 30, 2022)

“This pie is the perfect summer dessert,” writes Mulligan of the blueberry pie. “Show up at a friend’s house with this beauty, and it’ll be the star of the show.”

Eight Recipes that Will Raise Your Barbeque Game (Minneapolis Star Tribune, June 30, 2022)

Tim Mulligan provides his Supertastic Melon Mozzarella Salad.

Supertastic Melon Mozzarella Salad (Bloom TV, June 22, 2022)

"Tim Mulligan joins Gayle Guyardo, the host of the nationally syndicated health and wellness show, to talk about his cookbook and demonstrate a recipe."

Tim Mulligan Live Cooking Segment - "Supertastic Melon Mozzarella Salad" (Bloom TV, June 22, 2022)

"Tim Mulligan joins Gayle Guyardo, the host of the nationally syndicated health and wellness show, to talk about his cookbook and demonstrate a recipe."

“Home-trained” Palm Springs chef releases “Perfect 10”cookbook Palm Springs Desert Sun, June 12, 2022)

“Kick-Ass Chilaquiles and Hammed-Up Eggs in Purgatory vie for attention with Groovalicious Greek Lemon Soup and Slammin' Soy Glazed Salmon Lemon in Tim Mulligan's inspiring new cookbook, "A Perfect 10: Ten Scrumptious Recipes for Each Part of Every Meal" (Highpoint Life Books).Any way you serve it, foodies near and far are all the better for it…”

Recipes for a Perfect Pool Party This Pride Month (BookTrib June 2022)

"To kick off the 2022 PRIDE Month, and pool party season, I had a few friends over for some food and fun, and the food and drink were all big hits."

Tim Mulligan's A Perfect 10 cheesy, homecooked fun (SGN Seattle)

"The best thing about the book is the range of inspirations, from down-home family recipes to Indian-inspired favorites. You've got mouths to feed, and with Mulligan's help you can make sure they won't get bored."

A Perfect 10 Review and Feature (METROSOURCE LA June-July 2022)

"A Perfect 10 will fire up your excitement to get cooking!"

Tim Mulligan presents his 10 best recipes for each meal in his latest cookbook (Watermark, June 16, 2022)

“I love recipes that come from the heart and family, and that’s kind of what my idea was here,” he says."

Hot Spots Father's Day Gift Guide (June 8, 2022)

A PERFECT 10” Features 10 Proven, Scrumptious Recipes for Thanksgiving(BookTrib, November 8, 2022)

"Over the river and through the woods, to Tim Mulligan’s house we go.” That’s what it will feel like this Thanksgiving for families that tap into the self-taught home cook’s 10 mouth-watering Thanksgiving recipes."

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A Perfect 10 Oscar Party Strips

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