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Mini Tim's Tostadas

Hopefully by now you have a copy of my cookbook A Perfect 10 (thanks for supporting!). If so, I share my recipe for Tim's Tostadas, a favorite in my family - delectable tostadas with baked tostadas, homemade refried beans, and a spicy beef mix. For a cocktail party, this recipe is awesome with a few small tweaks, to make them bite-size.

Basically, just follow the recipe to make the beans and the beef mixture.

For the tostadas, use a biscuit cutter or just a drinking glass, and take a knife to cut small circles in your corn tortillas. Brush with canola oil, sprinkle with salt, and bake until crispy at 350 degrees, about 12 to15 minutes. Then assemble as you would a full-size tostada.

Your party guests will inhale these!

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